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Shape the Future of Manufacturing at MT360

A new interactive, future-forward experience

There are times to focus on the challenges of today. And there are times to look forward to tomorrow. Bringing together a diverse group of executives, engineers, technicians, developers, academics, scientists, investors and more, MT360 exists at the intersection of digital and physical manufacturing technology, helping the industry understand and decide what's to come. If you're a stakeholder in manufacturing's future, you owe it to both yourself and the industry to attend, learn, share and make your voice heard.

A truly unique experience for manufacturing, MT360 is about more than just understanding the future: it's about shaping it. It facilitates the connections and exchange of information that drive innovation, evolution and discovery within the industry.

How can MT360 shape my future?

At MT360, you can leverage the collective power of industry experts to optimize your operations and strengthen your competitiveness.

What part do I play at MT360?

Engage with others, share personal experiences in the industry and help shape the future of manufacturing.

MT360 is a new interactive, future-focused experience that blends all the core values and benefits of AMT's [MC]2 event together with a new approach to idea sharing and engagement. It is the venue to see and learn from the disrupters in digital processes, advanced automation and manufacturing technology innovation.

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